Mike O'Connor

East Milton Elementary

This nominee works in a room where students have severe disabilities and need assistance in every aspect of their life. Our nominee is willing to help with any student in any circumstance that a child needs. When his student is at school he assists with toileting, physical movement, feeding, etc. Parent contact is also a large part of our nominee's responsibilities. Each morning he talks with his student's parent about his care and behaviors throughout the previous day and what the plan is for that day. He has developed a plan to help with his student's overall wellness and fitness plan.

Our nominee is also very handy and has been called on by teachers, other parapros. and the front office to see if he was able to "fix" something. When we were replacing our backstops for Field Day and needed to know how much wood we needed, we asked him to go out and try to calculate what we would needed to buy. He has patched drywall for the school, painted walls, hung pictures, and put up a tv mount for us. Our nominee is willing and able to help the school in any manner needed.