Lore Conway


In less than a year, the difference our nominee has made at our school is phenomenal! Learning a different job at a new location can sometimes seem overwhelming, but our nominee has accepted this challenge and surpassed all our expectations. Her remarkable attention to detail is evident in each task that she undertakes. She not only handles each assignment meticulously, but she also has a sincere desire that everything she does reflect positively, not just on her, but especially on our school. Our nominee is a dynamic team player, and she is always looking for things that she can do to help someone else. In addition, she has a deep concern for the general well-being and academic success of our students. Just recently she noticed that several of our new books had arrived in the library. With our school librarian being temporarily unavailable, our nominee was concerned that these books may not get into the hands of the students in a timely manner. With permission from administration, she took it upon herself to email the Office of Professional Learning to get information regarding tagging and getting these new books on the shelves. Her initiative to get these books into circulation is just one example of her concern for student success. Since her office is located inside the library, she frequently covers the circulation desk and helps students find books. She took it upon herself to learn the computer system for checking out and locating books, so that she could help. Finally, our nominee’s sense of humor is off the charts.  I could tell you story after story that has happened just in the short time she has been here. Her presence has made our school an even more enjoyable place to be. Her attention to detail, initiative, concern for student success and terrific sense of humor are just a few of the reasons why I highly recommend that you sincerely consider our nominee for the District SREY.