Briana Lanoux

Bagdad Elementary

In her short time in this district the nominee has proved to be reliable, always positive and all but indispensable. Even though she is based in a single classroom, she routinely helps with teachers when there is even a small need. She is very much a team player offering encouragement and a never-ending smile to all. It was announced in a meeting that an additional staff member was needed to help during Parent Pick Up and she immediately volunteered, for the rest of the school year. She occasionally assists the Behavior Coach by assisting with student needs whatever they may be. When interacting with individual students she exhibits the utmost in patience and positive encouragement. Multiple students in many grades seek her out daily for positive interactions. Many times, throughout this school year she has gone out of her way to help the office staff by receiving late students and monitoring them until their teachers can come get them. She will also cheerfully escort other students to their needed destinations, all of which is beyond her job responsibilities. She manages her assigned classroom so effectively that there is virtually no disruption when there is a substitute in the room. When the classroom teacher must be in a meeting or out of the room, she maintains the full classroom schedule with no disruption or decline in the quality and quantity of instruction. The most telling of all is that multiple parents report that she’s a blessing to their student.