Anita Confer

Avalon Middle School

When you talk about an angel on earth, our nominee comes to mind. She is the resident angel on duty at our school. Regardless of the type of day you're having, a smile and encouraging word from her is sure to make your day so much better. As the Guidance and Assessment Assistant, she is responsible for developing testing schedules, setting up student testing groups, data entry related to statewide testing and labeling and boxing up assessment materials. In addition to assessment, she is also a data entry back-up. She handles all of our student records. She takes the extra care to ensure that each student cumulative folder is in the proper order and has the proper student information. Her most important role on campus is that of an encourager. Whether it's a student who is having a rough day or a family who is registering and nervous about starting a new school, she makes everyone feel welcome and safe. She is a humble person with a huge heart and a tremendous love for people. This recognition took her by surprise, but she is definitely beyond deserving of this honor. Congratulations! We love you!