Renee Hannah

Milton High School


MHS's nomine, "Renee Hannah is an absolute jewel," says Coach Brad Parker, the MHS ESE Department Chair. "Her difference is felt each year with our most sensitive students."

Renee has served in various roles in her 18 years at MHS, all in our ESE department. From specialized units like CBSA, ASD, Behavior or Social Thinking Classes, to more traditional efforts including Learning Strategies, Inclusion Teams, and prepping for IEP meetings, she has been indispensable over the years.

In 2017 she had the idea for a new intervention that has made a huge difference for many students at Milton High. Her idea was for a special lab for ESE students who were recovering courses through Compass. She believed that with the right opportunity and the right environment, she could help these students recover more credit than in a regular environment. She was right.

As of December 11, Mrs. Hannah has helped students recover 51 quarters of course recovery for MHS students in our ESE population. Her ability to connect with and motivate our most vulnerable kids is a great help at MHS. It takes a special person to do what she does. I'm glad we have her in this role."

Student Tyler Nowlin says of her, "I can come to Mrs. Hannah for help. She understands me."

MHS is proud of our nominee, Renee Hannah. And we greatly appreciate her commitment to help our most vulnerable learners.