Shelby White

TR Jackson PreK Center



Our nominee is a superb Pre-K teacher, great friend, and excellent co-worker. She is task oriented and tremendously organized. She is always looking for innovative ways to foster learning in her classroom. She offers a positive environment for the children to learn and have fun in the process. She extends her positive outlook to the parents and co-workers as well. Her award-winning smile and encouraging attitude is always on display for anyone that needs or wants her help. She even gives great hugs!

Our nominee is also someone who is well known for her huge heart and compassion for others. She is active in the community and can be found helping others at every turn. A few examples of her kindness and compassion would be raising money for the family of her daughterís young classmate undergoing cancer treatment out of town, organizing an annual supply drive for Kids House, caring for an elderly neighbor who has no family, reaching out to a school bus driver who didnít return as scheduled after surgery and buying shoes and jackets for her students. She is a wonderful person to have on staff and a great asset in the classroom. Her students are lucky to have such a loving and caring instructor in their lives.