Leif White

Hobbs Middle School


Our nominee is an integral part of our school’s family, including faculty, staff, students, and our community’s stakeholders. Each day, our nominee goes well-beyond the call of duty to ensure that each person on our campus has exactly what they need to be successful in their unique role. Our nominee is compassionate, dependable, enthusiastic, and has worked very hard to ensure that his impact is positive and vast. Our nominee’s dependability and enthusiastic nature extends beyond the walls of our school and the hours of the work day. To expound, our nominee works patiently with the members of our school’s Robotics Team and Technology Club. He encourages ALL students with an interest in technology to join the Robotics Team and the Technology Club, including our students with disabilities. Our nominee works countless hours to ensure that the students on his team and in his club grow socially, emotionally, and in their knowledge and application of technology. Additionally, through the Robotics Team and the Technology Club, our nominee has developed constructive relationships with our students’ families, and, in turn, has increased our school’s parental involvement and engagement. In sum, our nominee is a role model, not only to our students, but to our faculty and staff as well. Our school is a better place because of the daily influence of our awesome nominee!