Melissa Smith

Sims Middle School


This employee performs a plethora of task, just as many ed. support personnel are required to each day. Perhaps the primary role this individual carries out each day is that of encourager. When students enter the ISS room, whether it is for one class period or days at the time, the underlying reason for why they are there is all too often a lack of concern from caregivers at home. This individual uses her interaction time as the opportunity to lift the spirits and emotions of those students who often need encouragement the most. Though many of these children do not become repeat offenders, they still visit to receive the mentorship and encouragement our individual freely desires to give.

When students need to talk about why they are having difficulty getting along with peers, our individual is there to listen. When students feel as if they are struggling to fit in, our individual is there to point out their individual and unique qualities that make students who they are. When students need help in academics, our individual offers tutoring advice and a quiet place to focus. When our students simply need a hug from someone who genuinely loves and cares for them, our individual offers a warm embrace and encouraging love.

Our individual does not work at our school; our individual serves at our school because here, with this particular group of students, is where she found her gifts were most needed. Because of this, our school is a better place.