Terri Powell

Canal Street


     It is with pleasure that I present my nominee for the Santa Rosa County School District Employee of the Year. She has been with SRCSD for more than 22 years and has played an important role throughout those years.
    In her current role, she evaluates all Instructional and Ed Support online applications, and SRCSD receives hundreds of applications each year! That alone, along with posting all Instructional and Ed Support vacancies keeps her very busy. She also determines certifications and receives certification payments. Additionally, she maintains MOU (Memo of Understanding) records and out of field reports.
    This team member is a true professional, and she maintains a balance of professionalism and personal connection with fellow employees. She is very knowledgeable about certification requirements and standards, including being trained for numerous hours as the Florida Department of Education transitioned to a new system.

    Outside of work, she is actively involved with her church and family. Her grandkids are a source of joy and pride for her and her husband. She absolutely loves animals and works to spread the word about animals available for adoption. She has a great sense of humor and helps lighten the work day with smiles and laughs.
    All in all, my nominee is one of the best team members I have had the privilege of working with over the years. She is a great representation of SRCSD, and I am proud to work with her in delivering excellence to the citizens of Santa Rosa county!