Susan Pond

Gulf Breeze Elementary School


Our nominee is a ray of sunshine in our school. From the moment she arrives, every little face that she meets is greeted with a big hello and a huge smile. With this smile and hello, she helps all our students start their day off on a very positive note. Throughout the day, she can be found working with students of all grade levels in reading or math groups. Students who have the pleasure of working with her always look forward to her picking them up for their lesson. Little do they realize, she is going to make them work hard and try their best. She is the first support team member that our teachers seek out when they need an extra dose of creativity. Her artistic flare can't be matched by anyone at our school! No matter the time constraints, she can make anything look amazing. Her coworkers have come to realize that she has a very quiet and reserved demeanor, but she is the first one to offer to help with anything. She isn't afraid to get a little messy when helping out. She is quick to jump in to help a with small groups, projects, whole group activities or even assisting with a student who is getting sick. That is a true team player!! Our nominee is the an amazing person and we are extremely proud to have her on our team!