Graham McCollum

Berryhill Elementary School

Our nominee is the Technology Contact for our school. He manages over 850 computers and maintains all the projectors, printers, doc cameras, and various other technology. He responds to all teachers and administrative requests and quickly addresses anything that impacts teaching or learning.

During a typical day, he supervises fifth grade students in the Early Bird Lab every morning. These are students who receive extra computer time to help improve their skills in reading and math. He also assists one of our intervention teachers with a group of fourth grade students each day.

Our Technology Contact also works lunch duty every day. He spends an hour in the cafeteria helping to open milk cartons, apply salad dressings, and tries to keep the noise level to a minimum in a room with approximately 200 elementary age children.

Partnering with another paraprofessional, he developed a “Positive Behavior Reward System” for our cafeteria that has helped to encourage all students to follow the daily rules without constant negative feedback. This new behavior program in the cafeteria has become popular with all students striving to earn a coin for good behavior. At the end of each nine-week period, the class with the most coins in each grade are rewarded.

In addition to everything mentioned above, our Technology Contact manages and maintains our physical inventory. He takes pride in accounting for each piece of inventory to ensure we have no findings and 100% accuracy.

Our Technology Contact is always willing to help and lend a hand where ever it is needed. He is always up for a new challenge, project, or assignment! We appreciate him and are fortunate to have such a dedicated employee!