Karen Lynch

Gulf Breeze Middle School

From probation officer to middle school employee our 2019 nominee for school related employee of the year is a person who in only 18 months has shown heart, helpfulness, dedication and a willingness to learn. Our nominee was born in Pensacola and graduated from Milton High School, she started at PJC (when PJC was PJC) and continued on to study business at the University of West Florida and graduated with a bachelors degree in Marketing. She spent 32 years working for the state of Florida, starting as a clerk typist, (applying for a state job after spending 1 Christmas season working in retail) and made her way through the ranks to becoming a Probation Officer. 5 days after retiring from the probation office, her Granddaughter Elaina was born and thus started a new chapter of her life. Our nominee started with us taking over a position that had been filled by 1 person for 30 years. She has filled those big shoes she never stops learning or working hard, she's never afraid to ask questions or ask for help. She has become a cornerstone at our school, and become a good friend to us all. She has been quoted that she is "Very proud to be part of an inspiring team of individuals who recognize that our society's greatest treasure is our children.