Jenifer Higginbothem

Doug Dillon Administration Center

She is a huge asset to our department and so deserving of this reward and recognition.

She demonstrates extreme initiative, is a solution-oriented person, and is motivated by her skills and overall dedication to her job.

Her vibrant personality shines as inquisitive, investigative and answer bound. She strives to not only know the answer but to understand the process beyond the surface level. Iím in awe of her intrinsic motivation to continually want to enhance her knowledge. She has stated that ďItís in her DNA to want to know the details.Ē

Iíve seen examples of her commitment as the first person in the office, last to leave and have also observed her working on weekends.

Her communication skills peak when a calm, comforting voice is needed in a turbulent situation.

She's always the first volunteer.

Earlier this year she initiated an opportunity to help speed the setup for delivery of 40+ staff/student laptop computers to awaiting end users. This Ďcall to helpí was outside of her many job responsibilities but she gathered a team of co-workers and together worked to complete the project in 1 day.

Co-workers follow her lead and direction due to their respect and admiration. They see her as a wonderful, caring friend willing to help beyond work. All that know her understand that her favorite color is PINK! Her office, attire and mementos shine with it.

Iíve never heard one negative comment about her. She deserves to win this award for School Related Employee of the year.