Lari Franklin

Pace High


This extraordinary person deserves to be selected as the SREY for a plethora of reasons; however, I will focus on just a few. This person came in and hit the ground running with state testing at the high school level. She did not look at a clock to determine when she completed a task; this employee looked at the task on which she was working and determined whether it was done or not. She works countless hours with students to ensure they meet graduation requirements. She speaks with parents regularly to keep them informed on state mandates that affect their children regarding required assessments. She has created a testing schedule that limits instructional interruptions. This not only has helped maximize instructional time for students and teachers, but has helped with attendance and discipline issues that used to occur. She works with administrators, instructional, and non-instructional staff to keep everyone on board and informed of our testing requirements. This exceptional employee not only does her specific job well, but is always willing to jump in and help the school wherever she is needed. She is very dependable and has mastered her position in unprecedented time. It is without reservation that I recommend this employee and great person for Santa Rosa’s School Related Employee of the Year.