Lisa Farkas

Substitute Employee of the Year


This year’s PESG Substitute of the Year for 2018-19 is Lisa Farkas.  Lisa Farkas has been nominated three years in a row by Avalon Middle School.  We thank Principal LaTonya Leeks-Shepherd for recognizing the continued dedication and hard work provided by Lisa Farkas.  Lisa became a PESG substitute in 2015, and since December 2018 she has filled 162 absences and has worked at several schools.  PESG is proud of Lisa’s continued support to the students and staff here in the Santa Rosa County School District.                  LaTonya Hilson, PESG


It is with great excitement that Avalon Middle recognize Ms. Lisa Farkas as our substitute employee of the Year.  Ms. Farkas is on campus almost each day. She has worked in every subject area, including electives, and with every subgroup. Most students and parents do not even know she is a substitute teacher. She is very respected among the teachers at Avalon Middle. She attends faculty meetings when necessary and shows her school pride on Fridays. Ms. Farkas epitomizes what it means to be a dedicated team player and demonstrate and communicate the vision and mission of Avalon…. committed to excellence in character and knowledge. We appreciate and love Ms. Farkas at Avalon Middle and are proud to select her as our Substitute Employee of the Year.    
 LaTonya Leeks-Shepherd, Principal AMS