Kay Downs

School District Employee of the Year


 Our employee deserves recognition for her dedication to ESE students serving students with unique and challenging needs. Her supervising teachers readily states that she could not do her job without her. Our SREY has a heart for teaching students with Autism. Her calm demeanor and ability to break down curriculum helps our students achieve academic success.

One greatly appreciated skill is her remarkable ability to potty-train non-verbal students. She is a miracle worker as she conquers this significant challenge. She has a special touch when teaching life skills such as refined table manners, personal skills regarding cleanliness and personal health care. Her patience is endless as she never shows any frustration and always celebrates small successes. She has spent countless hours with hand over hand instruction until mastery is accomplished! When a student expresses frustration release such as screaming, our SREY does not show any type of emotion during these high-pitched moments and does not skip a beat as she continues to teach. She embraces her job with love and pride in all endeavors.

Our SREY stands out in other areas outside the classroom such as taking on additional responsibilities to assist around our school i.e. serves as contact for SREY for the past ten years helping with our school selection process and assisting with preparing for the yearly banquet, implements Chief of the Week for all students keeping up the hallway recognition charts and issuing award pencils to students, and runs bus dismissal. She is a rare gem and exemplary role model for serving others.