Sharon Cabaniss

Jay Elementary


Mrs. Cabaniss exemplifies all characteristics of a highly effective employee, even more so, she is an exceptional human being. She has worked in the Head Start program, Media Center, in various ESE classrooms, and she is now working in our new Hybrid Transition classroom. Mrs. Cabaniss is resilient to change and her positive, flexible, and compassionate demeanor is contagious amongst her peers. Teachers want her on their team, parents sing her praises, and she has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of children.
Mrs. Cabaniss is the epitome of a caring, loyal, trustworthy, and hardworking employee. As her administrators, we aim to position her where she will have the greatest impact and opportunity to make a difference in educating the whole child.
When receiving the new Hybrid Transition unit this year, we knew involving Mrs. Cabaniss would aid in fulfilling our mission and vision here at JES. She has totally embraced her new role as a Hybrid Transition paraprofessional and has been an asset to our new unit. The classroom she is working in includes students in grades k-6, each with different needs which require challenging accommodations, schedules, and levels of support. Mrs. Cabiness has played a huge role in the success of each student transitioning to general education classrooms. She is emotionally attached to every single student, every single staff member, and every single stakeholder with all of her being. Mrs. Cabaniss is respected, admired, and loved by the Royal Club family.