Ashley Brannen

SS Dixon Primary School


This nominee is the total package and goes above and beyond daily. She has only been in this position for a year and a half, but the faculty and staff have found her to be a pleasure to work with as well as a dynamic force when teaching small groups and with the many other duties that come her way. She is extremely organized, dependable and very dedicated to her work.

The students love her in small group. She is quiet but dynamic. Her studentsí progress appropriately because she is concerned about closing gaps in reading. If they are struggling, she wants to know why and how to fix it.

Last year was a learning year in her new position but she quickly, yet without being overbearing, took on a leadership role among the other paraprofessionals. After noticing another new co-worker was struggling, she quietly stepped in and tried to mentor her by modeling appropriate workplace behavior.

This school year she has taken on the role of co-grade level chair with the paras. She does not hesitate to call a meeting when something needs to be discussed. When she saw there was a problem with the flow in the lunch room, she came up with a plan to fix it and then was given the freedom to implement her plan with success. She never waits to be tasked with a duty. Stepping up and noticing when help is needed anywhere in the school is a true strength with this candidate.