Alice Bragdon-Cimino

Woodlawn Beach Middle School


Our nominee is known as loyal, generous and dedicated. She is dedicated to our school, teachers, staff, parents and especially to the students she serves and interacts with daily. As her primary job, she maintains the ISS room. She works hand-in-hand with our dean to assist problematic students in need of extra discipline or provides them with a quiet workplace that encourages success. Her work ethic is strong as she daily manages students, organizes student work and deals with constant interruptions in her room. She handles these tasks professionally and with a smile on her face. Our nominee is always willing to give a helping hand at bus duty, monitoring halls during transition times, and assisting with the implementation of our new HERO program that encourages positive behavior and characteristics in our students. She willingly covers classes as needed to include ESE self-contain classes and Gen-ed. classes. Our nominee not only works to meet the needs of our students, she also works the Extended School Year Program yearly for ESE. In her off-time she volunteers with multiple organizations. She cooks and freezes meals to take care of foster children/families in the community through the organization My Father's Arrow. Our Nominee formerly taught French in Fort Walton Beach and built a French program from scratch that is now part of the Ballet community. She is extremely kind, courteous and always thinking of others before herself. Often, you will see she has given someone a kind gesture of thanks or just a friendly pick-me-up. Her kindness is contagious and brightens everyone's day.