Dorothy Bostic

Avalon Middle School


To be assigned the role of support in an educational setting is a tremendous responsibility.  However, our school has been more than blessed to have an educator that fulfills this role with grace, conviction, humility and the belief that every child, regardless of ability, can succeed.  This person comes to work early each day and leaves after the call of duty is done.  She makes her daily efforts look effortless.  She demonstrates the calm, nuturing demeanor that one desires to see in every educator.  Her willingness to ensure success of the team and the students she encounters is evident and she accepts no excuse for a student or staff member no reaching their potential.  Whether it's on campus or in the community, she shows pride in her shool and the school community is proud to have her as part of the team.  To know her is to love her and we certainly love her and all that she does on behalf of every student, every day.