Cherly Anderson

Oriole Beach Elementary


The School Related Employee of the Year at our school is dedicated. She does not only concern herself with the students in her classroom, but with all the students in the school. She stands on the bus ramp and greets all students who get off the bus and stands by the exit at the end of the day to say goodbye. She has students outside her classroom that she regularly checks in on and always jumps at an opportunity to use her skills and strategies to assist in other classrooms with de-escalation and crisis interventions. As a behavior unit paraprofessional, she must remain calm and have patience with students who need love the most, and this person definitely demonstrates that.
Everyone knows who she is in the building because of the amazing work she does helping students and staff. In the classroom, she assists the teacher and runs small reading and math groups that are focused on differentiating instruction and meeting the needs of all students. She plans her own math instruction based off studentsí goals on their IEPs and what they need help with in class. Myself as the teacher and her as a paraprofessional work so well together.
Additionally, she volunteers her time at school functions such as the Fall Fest and Boosterthon. She participates and helps in staff showers and donations because her heart is to truly help others. I cannot imagine a more deserving person to receive this award.