Anna Padilla

Southern Management


Anna is Southern Management's Custodian of the year and it is an honor to have her as our nominee. Anna has been providing exceptional service to students, teachers and administrators since 2008. Anna started at King Middle School and is still there to this day. Her exceptional skills and dedication to the job are evident in her quality of work. Anna is an indispensable link to the day to day operations. When she arrives at the worksite, she always has a smile and great attitude to everyone she meets. Anna has an abundance of pride in her work and she always is going above and beyond to get the job done. Anna is an asset to our department not just to King Middle, but at other facilities and schools in the district.  Anna helps out at other schools and jobs when she is needed and always has a can do attitude.  It is always a pleasure to walk into King Middle and hear Principal Gunter or Assistant Principal Brock praise her for the job she does or at any other school when that administration asks if they can have her at their school.  Anna is also preparing for her future as she is enrolled at PSC, where she plans to pursue a degree in Business Management.  Anna is truly an asset to our company and the Santa Rosa County School District.