Jon Thrush

Central Receiving Manager

Administrative Complex


Jon displays all the attributes which compose the total District School Related Employee of the Year, He is very dedicated, hard-working, ethical and of high moral character.  Meticulous to a fault, this individual discovered a delivery shortage error of band instruments leading to a credit of $5000 being issued to the school district.  His ability to promote positive rapport with coworkers contributes to his high job efficiency.  His voluntary participation on the Districts Insurance Committee contributed to providing county employees with the most beneficial and economical insurance plans.  He has attended numerous training seminars helpful in the performance of his job. In his spare time this individual is working toward Microsoft Office Specialist certification.  Although not required for his job, this training will improve his already high level of performance.  His commitment to doing a good job and self-improvement efforts is why Jon deserves to be our School Related Employee of the Year.