Lisa Gilmore

West Navarre Primary


The first person a new student and his parents see on his first day of school is Lisa. She is compassionate, welcoming and a consummate professional as she walks new students down to their classes to begin their first day. Her soft spoken voice and her gentle tone is the last voice our car riders hear each day as she calls their names to load cars. She always makes sure that teachers are prepared for new students. Whether it is our Reading under the Stars, our School Carnival, or student performances, one is likely to see her there.  Her attention to detail in her role as data clerk is always stellar whether it is FTE preparation or creating new classrooms when a teacher is hired after school starts.  She is a vital member of our school’s IST and serves as our “truancy watchdog.”She also serves as part of our PBS team and works closely with our guidance counselor in providing character lessons to all the students in our building. Our school is a safer, healthier and more attractive place because our nominee works here. She is well respected by our staff, and can always be counted on to help out when there is a need. She is creative and doesn’t wait to be asked to fill a need.