Tammy Weidenhamer


West Navarre Intermediate



We are proud of our school and the image that it has in the eyes of our community.  Without question that image is predominately shaped by our school related employee of the year.  Her professional demeanor and calming influence sets the tone for each school day in a way that is rarely seen in Santa Rosa County District Schools.   Her mark on her students, our school and the community is indelible.  Our nominee works in one of most challenging areas in Santa Rosa County Schools, ESE Pre-K.  People that have answered the calling to work with Pre-K students who have unique needs and challenges are truly amazing people.  Beyond this “amaziness” she displays daily, her flexibility to readily take on new assignments and challenges is second to none.  How many SREY’s have changed a diaper, taught sign language, modified behavior, laid the foundation for learning how to read, and opened a milk carton prior to having lunch during a typical day?   We are extremely proud to have her represent our school.