Suzy Scheller


S.S. Dixon Primary



Suzy is the voice of our school.  She is that one face that students, parents, and staff members see and hear on a daily basis.  She sets a positive tone for each and every day with a smile that lights up the entire school.  If you were to ask her what her duties entail as the school secretary, her reply would simply be, “YES.”  She is willing to do whatever needs to be done.  She takes on the responsibility of monitoring the visitors entering the school.   She not only runs the front office with alacrity, she works diligently in conjunction with all committees at our School, including PTO fundraiser events in preparation and maintenance and coordinating communications between volunteers and school staff.  In addition, her passion for school improvement is demonstrated through her support of our vision for technological advancement by taking on the role as our school webmaster.  As a result of her efforts, a bridge of communication has been established between our parents and teachers. Her participation and dedication has further extended into such areas as our parent involvement nights in support of literacy. This is just a snapshot of our secretary’s dedication and contribution to providing a nurturing school environment where children can learn and grow.  We are so proud to have her represent our school as School Related Employee of the Year.