Tina Kellar


S.S. Dixon Intermediate



Along with the start of the 2010-2011 school year came a whirlwind of changes for our nominee for School-Related Employee of the Year.  Tina has worked as a Teacher Assistant for 15 years and was very happy in her position.  Due to the injury of another employee, she was asked to step into a profound ESE classroom which involved duties our nominee had never performed before such as dressing students, assisting them with eating, toileting, and personal hygiene.  Did she complain, have a bad attitude, take frequent leave, or do less than her best in this position?  No!  Instead, our nominee went into this highly involved classroom with a good attitude in spite of being out of her comfort zone, and she has given more than 100% to her job.  She has even learned basic sign language so that she could communicate with the students and understand their wants, needs, and desires.  Though she will not be in this particular classroom forever, we appreciate her great attitude in the toughest of situations!