Shelly Waters

ESE Paraprofessional

Rhodes Elementary



While working at our school for 4 years as an ESE Paraprofessional assistant, Shelly has consistently demonstrated her outstanding qualities. Whether performing her duties within the classroom or on a school-wide basis, she exudes a calm strength and quiet confidence which ensures that the situation is under control and being handled with maximum efficiency.  When the ESE kids step off the bus at 7:00 AM sharp, our nominee is there without fail to help them start the day on the right foot.  Throughout the day, she works with individual students on the computers or at their seats to help them complete their assignments. She also teaches a small group during the reading rotation time and assists with adaptive P.E. Who could question the fact that she is indispensible in the classroom when she is called upon to assist with toileting?! Our candidate brings a flair of creativity to brighten mundane chores and encourage everyone around her to do their best. She proves her wonderful work ethic by giving 100% from start to finish. Until her last student is safely headed home, she is diligent on the job.  To sum it up, our nominee’s demeanor and attitude serve as a positive example for all of us.