Denise Baldwin

Teacher Assistant

Oriole Beach Elementary


A room that is literally full with 125 kindergarten children is how our nominee begins her day.  These children are so happy and joyful as they leave the music room and head down the hallway to their classrooms after singing, dancing and laughing.  She knows just what to do to make 5 year olds smile even at the very beginning of the school year as they tearfully leave the warm embrace of their parentsí arms.  As a primary grade teacher assistant our nominee voluntarily attended the Beverly Tyner Institute in the fall to better prepare herself to work with small groups of children to help them become better readers.  She has several small groups each day and these children have shown much improvement due to her instruction.  In fact many have graduated on to higher levels of reading instruction in their first grade classrooms.  Hard working, creative and intuitive about the needs of primary boys and girls definitely describes our nominee!