Sharon O’Dell


Navarre High School




Sharon is truly outstanding in her responsibility, sincerity, timeliness, and attitude toward her job. She demonstrates the utmost respect and patience for all our school employees, parents, and students.  She is well-accepted and admired by her peers and co-workers.  She truly serves as a role model for other employees by possessing exemplary work ethic and demonstrating professionalism daily in her job capacity.

I have found her ability to organize, plan, and follow through with any job assignment to be outstanding.  Her ability to solve problems in a divergent manner, combined with her ability to make others comfortable, makes her a true asset in her position.  Her willingness to assume extra responsibilities and to assist on short notice is remarkable.  She is the consummate team-player and always wants to help out in other areas, such as duty and supervision, whenever needed.  There is nothing about her job performance or character that is short of phenomenal.