Tina Beyers

Teacher Assistant

Milton High School




Tina shows competence, caring, and compassion to all students, teachers and staff at our school.  She treats all people with love and respect and receives the same in return.  She has had a profound impact on many students and teachers alike.  She is always willing to help out in areas of need, often covering duty for other staff members.  She manages our production room and returns staff requests in a timely fashion.  Her ability to work under pressure is tested daily.  Emergency requests are always accepted with a smile and completed promptly. In addition to production duties, she also runs an extended day childcare program for staff members who have elementary and middle school aged children.  She coordinates educational and recreational activities for these children. This employee makes everyone feel loved, appreciated and special.  Her loving demeanor does not stop with students.  She always has a positive word for each faculty member she encounters.  She can find the silver lining in just about any cloud.  It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we nominate our school related employee for the Santa Rosa County School Related Employee of the Year.