Judy Moon

Teacher Assistant

Locklin Tech


As a teacher assistant, Judy works closely with disadvantaged youth (to include drop-out prevention, DJJ and parenting youth) within the Santa Rosa County School District. She is always ready and willing to help youth in any areas they require assistance. On many occasions when the Program Coordinator was not available, she assumed the leadership role, learned intricate details of the program and made quick decision to best meet the needs of the students She takes time to sit down with youth and not only aide them with issues they may be having in their personal lives, but also counsels them in areas such as life skills, work readiness skills, and the importance of academic achievement. In her years of service as a teacherís assistant, she has influenced the lives of over 600 disadvantaged youth within our school district. She works closely with the parents and community organizations to ensure that all youth needs are being met. She always has a great outlook and influence on co-workers through her up-beat personality in areas such as the Virgin Health-miles Program. She is a serious and dedicated professional.  Making positive influences/changes with youth, co-workers, and community members in our county defines her personal mission in her current position.