Sharon Cabaniss

Teacher Assistant

Jay Elementary



Sharon is a rock-solid asset to our school. Until a couple of years ago, her main responsibility was serving in the media center as the media assistant.  Now that we have fewer assistants overall, her duties have also increased to working in the copy room, providing assistance to the teachers and students in the classrooms and providing extra support and monitoring in the cafeteria, while continuing to assist in the media center.  Our nominee is remarkably dependable and trustworthy.  It is obvious that she enjoys her job, and anyone can observe this attitude radiating from her in the way she graciously addresses the needs of our students and staff.  She ensures that others’ needs are met even when it doesn’t fit within her normal schedule.  She was willing without any complaint to ensure that the teachers that did not have an afternoon break would be accommodated.  She also assists with one particular special needs student to ensure that he receives the extra care he will need to be successful.  We are proud to have such a caring and hard-working person serving our school.