Gail MacKenzie

Teacher Assistant

Holley Navarre Middle



While Gail carries on her front office duties, she also takes time to help students out with their studies and encourages them to do their best.  She has mentored several students who were failing.  With her encouragement and assistance, these individuals made it to 9th grade and high school!  As the backup for our health tech. in the clinic, she also tends to sick students with kindness and compassion.  When a co-worker was dealing with a brain tumor and was unable to drive for 7 months, our nominee became her wheels until her she could drive again.  On her own time, she has helped with grounds beautification maintaining an attractive flower bed by our flag pole which brightens up our main entrance.  She served on our PTSA board as treasurer for 3 years.  She is deeply loved and a tremendous asset to our school family.