Tina Beaulieu


Holley Navarre Intermediate




When not assigned a duty, Tina adjusts her schedule based on the immediate needs of the copy room, office, media center and classroom teachers.   She demonstrates initiative in making copies, laminating learning materials and designing materials to include all levels of students in academic a school related social activities.  Her calm demeanor is especially helpful with students with special needs or in difficult behavioral situations.  Her creative bulletin boards improve the environment of the school by including pertinent information and displaying student work.  Teamwork is important to her and she is always willing to do whatever needs to be done to help students and staff reach success.  She volunteers for after school functions like Family fun Night and The Book Fair.  Assisting in the planning and implementation of these functions is another way that she has earned the respect of parents, school volunteers, and school staff.  She continues to develop her skills through in-service programs and volunteer opportunities.  She recently earned the paraprofessional certification which enables her to work directly with students at our title I school.