Dina Pagonis

Teacher Assistant

Gulf Breeze Middle



Her time has come……after 10 years as a teacher assistant for ESE, our candidate decided to follow her dream and become a teacher herself!  She recently graduated from UWF.  Along her journey, she has been a class coverer extraordinaire - always with a smile and never any complaints. Her work ethic is very professional as is her countenance.  She even comes to school in the summer to help with the overwhelming amount of filing, registrations and phone calls.

Our candidate is a definite team player.  From participating in our 8th grade talent show in a staff dancing routine to being a sponsor for our National Junior Honor Society, she is always there when needed! She has attended many field trips to help her students understand life skills.  Her students adore her and she them! Dina will be missed when she gets a teaching position, but we are so proud to have her as our School Related Employee of the Year for 2011.