Patricia Adams

Teacher Assistant

Gulf Breeze Elementary



Patricia is an amazing example of what all of us should strive for in our jobs!  There is never a time when she is not giving 150%.   She goes above and beyond what could ever be expected.  She refuses to take breaks and regularly stays past the time to go home because there is another person that is not finished with their work.  Her perspective where her job is concerned is one of making a real difference and always looking for the positive. When new challenging situations arise, she always ask and seeks for better ways to handle each instance and then she implements them.  Her time with the children is spent consistently doing whatever it takes for them to make learning gains. If something is not working for them, she does whatever it takes and tries as many times as it takes to get them to where they need to be. She has impressed others all over our school with her dedication to her job and the fact that she is so wonderfully caring and patient with the children as well as the adults with whom she works.