Cheryl McKenzie

Accounting Specialist

Canal Street


Cheryl is a humble lady who has graciously denied previous nominations citing that others are more deserving. We don’t agree! She has worked in the district for more than 20 years for the same administrator coming to this district as a LTC student worker.   She has overseen the monumental task of keeping budgets balanced, payroll leave correct, amendments made, federal, state and local auditors happy (not an easy task).  Through the last two years of recession, tough economic times, budget shifts and disruptions she has been BALANCED, while keeping this department on an even keel too.  FTE, FEFP, spreadsheets, projects, amendments, these are not dirty words to this lady. She embraces every task and “gets ‘er done” without flaw. She is the district “checkbook” … keeping the cash flow going into the classrooms and budgets distributed. She is a foundation for her family, our department, and this district. We are pleased that she finally agreed to let us nominate her for our office site non-instructional employee of the year.