Susan Dykes

Pre-K Teacher Assistant

Chumuckla Elementary School



Susan came to us as a Secretary in a PreK Teacher Assistant position (part of RIF).  Since coming to our school, she has exhibited the most positive of attitudes.  She quickly adapted to her duties as a PreK TA as if she had worked in this program for many years.  She soon became familiar with the term “hips and lips”, became attached to students in the PreK, learned the PreK sign language, learned small group routines and early math and literacy goals and techniques.  She also became an integral part of our school, working to encourage all students, not only those in her class.  We don’t just consider her a PreK TA but a key player on our school team because she encourages students school wide to live up to our school expectations.  At our school we consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a caring, involved SREY.  She is truly AWESOME!