Alama Young


Bagdad Elementary School


Alama is the type person you donít meet every day, but when you do, you definitely know you have a gem!  Our nominee spends her day in a full time ESE classroom with students in 2nd-5th grades.  She works directly with the students on their academics as well as their behavior.  She has many years experience working with ESE students and knows just how to get them to give 100%.  This year she volunteered to be in charge of our in school suspension classroom.  Not only did she volunteer to be in charge, she also developed and shared ideas about how the ISS program could be run to be effective.  The few times we have used it, I am amazed at the details of notes she takes on each child.  The students respect her, but also know that she cares about each of them.  She is always willing to help out in any way necessary.  She has wonderful work habits and is a joy to be around.  It is with great pleasure that we present our SREY for the 10-11 school year.