Gwynn Smith

Internal Funds Bookkeeper

Berryhill Administrative Complex



Gwynn has had the opportunity to work in several specific types of positions in Santa Rosa County.  She carries with her a multitude of knowledge and experience from the school site to Food Service to the district level offices.  She retains information and is a very quick learner with an aptitude for working with numbers and budgets which is invaluable when it comes to working with large grants and projecting budgets.  Because she knows so many people in the various areas, she is able to direct parents efficiently without multiple forwarding calls to various departments.  She has excellent technology skills working quickly through projects with very little direction.  She is organized and proactive taking advantage of technology to be on top of events occurring throughout the school year in a very timely manner.  When situations are tense, you would never know from looking at this lady.  She is the picture of calm, cool and collected!  She gets the job done every time with accuracy.  I am the envy of every administrator in the place!!