Lisa Mackiewicz

Guidance Secretary

Avalon Middle School



Lisa is an extraordinary employee and does a phenomenal job. She exudes confidence, dedication, pride, and professionalism.  She accepted a change in a new work location and assignment then excelled, everyone recognizes and appreciates her. She is efficient, accurate, and organized.  She respects the confidentiality and sensitivity of information about our students and always finds the goodness to speak about them.  She arrives early to set-up parent/teacher conferences to ensure all staff is in attendance for scheduled meetings.  She learns quickly, performs exceptionally well immediately earning the respect of the staff, students and parents she serves.  Lisa’s calming demeanor is critical when defusing situations which occur in the department.  She is a comfort to those parents and/or students waiting to see a Counselor, the Dean of Students, the Assistant Principal, or the Principal.  Lisa sets the standard for excellent student services.