Joyce Nelson

Southern Management

Joyce is Southern Management's Custodian of the year and it is an honor to have her as our nominee. Joyce has been providing exceptional service to students, teachers and administrators since 2006. Her exceptional  skills and dedication to the job led her to lead custodian position at Bagdad Elementary where she spent 3 years. Always looking for a challenge Joyce wanted to change schools to one that was a little more difficult, which lead her to lead position at Dixon Primary. With a spread out campus and dealing with the daily construction Joyce has done an outstanding job at Dixon Primary. Joyce is an indispensable link to the day to day operations. When she arrives at the worksite, she always has a smile and great attitude to everyone she meets. Joyce has an abundance of pride in her work and she always is going above and beyond to get the job done. Joyce is an asset to our department not just to Dixon Primary, Joyce helps out at other schools and jobs when she is needed and always has a can do attitude.