Carolyn Bradley

West Navarre Primary School

Our school related employee demonstrates an incredible amount of dedication to our school and compassion to those that work and attend here. Her peers will tell you she is hard working person that takes on additional responsibilities outside of her normal duties and help in any area of need. As an administrator, I can count on her initiative to take on issues as she sees a need.  However she does not get lost in the many tasks that can fill her day, as she takes time to care for not only for her kindergarteners but all students.  She accepts the often difficult task of consoling kindergarten parents after dropping their babies off at school for the first time and reassures them that we will love and care for them. She has a positive influence on each person here at the school and were she not here it would leave a huge void.  She is an outstanding representative of our school and it is with great pride and enthusiasm that we nominate our school related employee for Santa Rosa County School Related Employee of the year.