Caroline Hunsely

West Navarre Intermediate

How do you start your day?  I start mine with a cup of coffee and a warm bowl of oatmeal.  Our school related employee of the year starts her day gracefully handling angry parents, crying students, impatient teachers, and demanding administrators while answering the phone, radioing bus #736 about a lost hat, and training new parents how to use our new Raptor security system.  She is the calm in the midst of a dozen perfect storms.  The mark of an exceptional individual is how they are able to handle pressure.  You want pressure, work as a school receptionist!!  We are proud of our school and the image that it has in the eyes of our community.  Without question that image is predominately shaped by our school related employee of the year.  Her professional demeanor and calming influence sets the tone for each school day in a way that is rarely seen in Santa Rosa County District Schools.     Her mark on our school and the community is indelible.  We are blessed and extremely proud to have her represent our school.