Kim McLaughlin


Kim has held many positions since 1988 when she joined the Santa Rosa team. She has been office staff, were she did a tremendous job dealing with parent issues, within a few minutes she would have them eating out of her hands and wanting to apply for a job as a bus driver. She also held the position of ESE Specialist working with the parents of Santa Rosa County School District in the placement of Wheelchair and Car Seat students, within that position she also was in charge of ESE and Pre-K Routing.

Kim is also a very skilled Driver and Trainer, She has no problem maneuvering a school bus. She has competed in almost all of the bus rodeos and has gone on to compete in Regional and District Rodeos.

On a personal note our nominee has the gift of gab, she never meets a stranger and makes all of her fellow co-works feel relaxed and welcome within her department.

Kim is a prime example of professionalism and courtesy, and truly a leader among her peers. She is their trainer, their friend, and even their voice when needed.  She makes safety her top priority and insures each trainee  is without a doubt, capable and confidant before the children of Santa Rosa County are entrusted to their care. As a bus driver, she has been transporting and caring for our children for twenty two years and is always willing to put forth the effort to make sure that each and every student she transports has a safe and secure ride to and from their destination.  A mentor and a friend too many, she is one person you can count on to be there when she is needed.  Kim is without a doubt deserving of employee of the year.