Debbie Frevert

S. S. Dixon Intermediate School

Our nominee for School Related Employee of the Year is a vital member of our school staff.  She handles a variety of duties and performs many important tasks every day.  She demonstrates a caring and giving attitude and has excellent clerical and communication skills.  Working in the guidance office has given her the opportunity to utilize her knowledge of developmental counseling services.  She earned a MS degree in counseling and human development, but chose to focus on her role as a mother and now a grandmother.  She demonstrates a caring and giving spirit. Our nominee has been known to buy necessities for children in need from her own pocket on several occasions without saying a word to anyone.  She coordinates the Shoes That Fit Program.  She assists with student assessments by administering vision, hearing, IQ, and achievement screeners.  She types testing information and observations into the student progress in academics and/ or behavior for the Integrated Services Team.  This nominee is an exceptional employee and outstanding member of our Faculty and Staff.  We are very proud of her.