Betty Parkerson

Pace High School

Our nominee is a wonderfully unique individual. Every year she "adopts" students in need and develops a rapport and trust with them. They come and share with her what is going on in their lives and what is happening at school. She gets them the help they need. She draws on her experience of 11 years with in the school system. With nearly 2000 students this is a feat in itself. She does this without hesitation and feels it is her calling.  As for her job, her title is a secretary I and by no surprise she goes above and beyond what her job description entails. We consider her a "Jill of all trades! Her knowledge is amazing beyond words. She handles her jab with the utmost professionalism and refinement. We aspire to be like her! When dealing with the public she is never rattled and always complimentary of others. She draws the goodness out of everyone she comes in contact with. When and it is rare she doesn't know the answer to a question she seeks out the answer with tenaciousness of a bulldog but with the grace of a lamb. We feel she is the best example that all employees should attain to be and to be considered for Santa Rosa County's Employee of the Year.