Charlie Womack

Oriole Beach Elementary School

Our nominee is oftentimes referred to as our part-time custodian and part-time assistant principal.  This is due to the fact that he totally knows and understands the entire inner workings of our school.  Want to know where something is stored?  Ask him!  Want to know whose room a child is in?  Ask him!  Want a shelf hung?  Want a child mentored?  Want to know the name of the child's parents and what year they attended our school and this employee will know that, too!  He has an uncanny ability to remember all of the children who attended our elementary school during the 30-plus years that he has been here.  This ability makes everyone who walks in the doors of our school feel valued and respected.  Along with the knack of making people feel special he is always making jokes that can make the days brighter.  Some pranks are played on the principal when she least expects it!  Oh, and his collard greens become a highlight of the teachers' day when they hear that he has surprised us with a big pot of greens and cornbread!  Cook, friend, mentor, superb custodian and well-loved employee.  That's our fine nominee!