Carmen Febus

Navarre High School

This school related employee shows care and compassion to all students, teachers, and staff at our school. She treats all with love and respect and receives the same in return from both students and peers. Our nominee goes beyond the expectations listed in her job description to touch the lives of everyone in our school. Students look to her as a mentor and faculty seek her advice when dealing with a difficult situation.  She never turns anyone in need away even when all she can offer is a shoulder on which to lean. In the classroom, the students consider her to be as knowledgeable and competent as the teacher. Every student feels loved, appreciated, and special in her presence. However, her caring demeanor does not stop with students; she always has a positive word and a smile for each faculty member she encounters. I have no way of knowing how many lives she has impacted and improved but have no doubt the number is very large. Without her, our school would feel a significant void. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I nominate our school related employee for the Santa Rosa County School Related Employee of the Year.